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A one week narrative project, illustrating Donald Trumps business and political history from 1970 up until his inauguration. Captured in a visual time line and accompanied by a series of images.

The intention of the work is to draw in a younger audience to consider a challenging subject in the world news using this signature approach of collage, combining text with the imagery to reveal the main characters in each scene.

The duration of the project was documented to show the process taken and to give an insight into the work ethic and how long a project such as this may take.

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An insight into the process


The project begins by organising research in the form of a timeline. They are displayed as a collage, creating the best composition. This takes from Sunday through to Monday evening. 

Tuesday 17th Jan: The drawing begins


10am-1pm: Creating the composition of images and draw the first few characters.

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1pm - 6pm


Wednesday 18th Jan


4pm- 11pm

Thursday 19th Jan


7pm-10pm: Finish the outline.

Monday 23rd Jan

6pm-11pm: The outline is completed. I begin to add detail.

Tuesday 24th Jan


A few drawings inspired by the project...