Periphrony II: Nesting

I was commissioned alongside other female artists to illustrate a short story based on women in history that didn't get the credit they deserved for something they did.

My story was based on Rani Chennemma, a 17th century Indian Queen who fought for the independence of Kittur.

"In the series, we explore stories about various political, artistic, and scientific movements throughout history and from around the world. We look at the way these have thrived due to women's contributions, only to undermine or completely reject any legacy of those women's involvement once their work came to fruition.

Weaving all of the stories together and spanning every issue of the comic is a retelling of The Odyssey, in which we stay with the women left behind as they form their own version of the first, famous, Greek democracy." - 
Oriana Franceschi.

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